inverted effigy error coin

Inverted Effigy £2 Britannia Error Coin

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Inverted Effigy Coin

A £2 coin that is incorrectly minted by The Royal Mint has just been discovered. this is known as the Inverted Effigy £2 Britannia Error Coin.

Inverted Effigy £2 Britannia Error Coin
Inverted Effigy £2 Britannia Error Coin

The Royal Mint has reportedly confirmed that a small number of £2 Britannia coins have a striking mistake which is likely to make them valuable to collectors.

The £2 coins struck have the Queen’s effigy at the wrong angle as pictured, the coin on the right has the Queen’s head struck at the wrong angle, offset by around 150 degrees compared to the Britannia design on the reverse of the coin..

No one can be exactly sure how many of these coins made it into circulation but with 650,000 Britannia coins minted in 2015, around 3,000 had the error so there is a rare chance you may have one in your pocket.

The misalignment of the Queen’s effigy is probably a result of one of the dies working loose and rotating during the striking process – except no one noticed until someone found one in their pocket change recently – they have a good eye!

The £2 Britannia coin is already one of the most rare circulating £2 coins ever minted – it is third equal in the all-time low mintage charts.

If you see these for sale one ebay, be careful! Since the coin is a simple rotation error, it will be hard to confirm this from 2 different pictures.

We have not seen any Britannia Inverted Effigy £2 Error Coins listed or sold yet so a price is hard to say but a wild guess would be from £50 to £250 pounds for one depending upon coin condition.

This error coin has hit the news in the UK, see some News Articles:


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