50 Years of the 50 Pence

50 Years of the 50p Coins, what’s it worth?

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50 Years of the 50p Base Proof Coin Set value

50 Years of the 50 Pence value

Soon after the 50 Years of the 50p coins sold out at The Royal Mint in record time, they started appearing on eBay as “Pre-Order” listings.

The is eBay sellers trying to sell it to you, before they have even received it from the Royal Mint, for a nice profit!

50 Years of the 50p value

Base Proof Coin Set Sold listings on eBay

50 years of the 50p coin value

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We have analysed some eBay sales data and show sales by price (including shipping), bid count and watch count.

The Watch Count is the number of eBayers who added each listing to their Watch List.

50 Years of the 50p Base Proof Coins For Sale

Below we list the most recent eBay Completed Sales for Base Proof Coin sets. As a reminder, the issue price was £75 + P&P

In addition, we show the “Ending Now” auctions and “Buy It Now” lowest-priced coin sets right now on eBay.

50 Years of the 50p Coins for sale on eBay

Please check each eBay listing carefully. Sellers are also selling single coins by breaking down these sets into individual coins.

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