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Robert Burns £2 Coins

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Robert Burns £2 Coins celebrate the 250th Anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns.

Design shows calligraphy based on the handwriting of Robert Burns, a quote from his famous poem: we’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet for auld lang syne.

Around above, the anniversary dates separated by the name of the poet: 1759 ROBERT BURNS 1796; around below, the value and denomination: TWO POUNDS.

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Robert Burns £2 worth?

Recent eBay sold listings for this coin indicate that a circulated coin in good condition is worth £3.00.

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Is the Robert Burns £2 a rare coin?

The mintage figures for the Robert Burns coins are:

Base Metal 3,253,000 coins entered circulation
Brilliant Uncirculated (BU/BUNC) 226,555
Silver Proof 9,188
Silver Proof Piedfort 3,500
Gold Proof 1,000

Circulated Coin Specifications

Year of Issue 2009
Diameter 28.4mm
Weight 12.0 g
Thickness 2.5mm
Outer: Nickel-brass (76% copper, 4% nickel, 20% zinc)
Inner: Cupro-nickel (75% copper, 25% nickel)
Obverse Designer Ian Rank-Broadley
Reverse Designer The Royal Mint Engraving Team
Edge Milled

2009 Burns Celebration Pack

2009 Burns Celebration Pack
2009 Burns Celebration Pack
  • Presented on a colourful display card
  • Struck to Brilliant Uncirculated standard – a higher quality than that found in your loose change
Alloy Bi-metal
Weight 12.00g
Diameter 28.4 mm
Price on day of issue £5.00
Product Code UKREB5

Robert Elliot Burns £2 BU Coin Pack

Robert Burns BU Coin Pack
Robert Burns BU Coin Pack
  • Limited edition of 50,000
  • Packaging includes a beautifully illustrated presentation pack
  • Struck to a higher quality than the coins in your loose change
  • Price on day of issue £7.99
  • Product Code UKREBBU

Robert Burns £2 Silver Proof Coins

Robert Burns silver proof coins
Robert Burns silver proof coins
  • Limited edition of only 20,000 silver Proof coins
  • Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Packaging: Presented in an attractive black case

Silver Proof Coin Specifications

Alloy .925 Sterling Silver
Weight 12 g
Diameter 28.4 mm
Price on day of issue £34.99
Product Code UKREBSP

Robert Burns £2 Gold Proof Coins

Robert Burns gold proof coins
Robert Burns gold proof coins
  • Extremely low issue limit of only 1,000 coins
  • Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Displayed in a beautiful walnut-veneer presentation case
  • Beautifully struck in 22 carat yellow and red gold, to impeccable Proof quality

Gold Proof Coin Specifications

Alloy 22 Carat Gold
Weight 15.98 g
Diameter 28.4 mm
Price on day of issue £595.00
Product Code UKREBGP

About This Design

This 2009 commemorative £2 coin marked the 250th anniversary of Burns’ birth in 1759. Its design features handwritten lines from ‘Auld Lang Syne’, one of Robert Burns’ most famous poems. The verse, which is sung at New Year celebrations across the English-speaking world, is written in Burns’ native Scottish dialect. The inscription on the coin reads ‘We’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet for auld lang syne’. Around the edge of the coin are the words ‘SHOULD AULD ACQUAINTANCE BE FORGOT’.

This was the first time a design solely based on handwriting had appeared on a British coin and it was an apt choice, for Burns’ story is all about words. He himself said that he learned to write poetry when he fell in love. He continued writing throughout his life, leaving a large body of work behind him. Burns died in 1796 at the age of just 37. Today his work remains much loved, so much so that Scots, at home and abroad, celebrate Burns’ birthday every year. At a Burns Supper admirers of his work toast him with Scottish whisky and serve haggis, reading aloud his ‘Address to a Haggis’.

Read more about Robert Burns life and works.


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