2019 Royal Mint Promo Code Discount Vouchers

Royal Mint Promo Codes

The Royal Mint Promotional Codes for coins are time-limited discount codes and may only apply to certain products.

Shop as you normally would at The Royal Mint UK Shop and enter our promo codes to apply a discount off coupon to your basket total at checkout. Shop and Save!

Discount Vouchers at The Royal Mint

Discount Vouchers are sometimes issued as Promo codes are time-limited, usually ending at midnight on the date shown.

Choose from the discount vouchers listed below to use the Royal Mint coupon to save money on your purchases at The Royal Mint Shop in the UK.

Since these discount codes change all the time we cannot guarantee they will continue to work.

Use the guide below on how to apply the promo codes at checkout.

How do I use my Royal Mint promo code?

  • Click on the special offer of your choice listed
  • Copy the Royal Mint Promo Code if provided (click on the scissors icon)
  • Follow our link to the Royal Mint website and browse for your coins
  • Click ‘add to basket’ on your product(s) of choice, just as you normally would shopping online
  • Navigate to your basket by clicking on the small trolley icon, top right of their website

The Royal Mint Basket

  • Enter the promo code in the box beneath your order

The Royal Mint Promo Code

  • Click ‘Go!’

Once the Promotion is successfully applied it will appear beneath with a green tick, we used code BND163 in this example

  • Your basked total should update to the discounted amount!
  • Click ‘Proceed to Checkout’ to complete your purchase as normal
  • Any offers which don’t require a discount code will be applied automatically
  • Do a Happy Dance! You just saved money at The Royal Mint!