The 45th World Money Fair – Berlin

There are a few occasions each year when the entire world’s coin dealers, mints and collectors, from both novice to expert have the opportunity to get together at some of the world’s largest coin fares.

On the 5th February 2016 the World Money Fair commenced in Berlin, this fair is known as one of the strongest coin markets in the world. With The Samlerhuset Group as the majority owner of the World Money Fair organization, we from London Mint Office (part of the Samlerhuset Group) are always present at the coin fair held in wintery Berlin annually in January or February.

The 45th World Money Fair in Berlin is known worldwide as the most important exchange platform for the numismatic trade, its main aim is to bring collectors together to buy and sell coins, to educate and to exchange ideas. Coin dealers, mints and collectors get to enjoy the diversity of the unique fair offerings and the interactions with many experts and fellow collectors; this is where people can share their true passion.

This was my first time attending the World Money Fair, and it didn’t fail to impress! While I had been told stories of the event and searched for what to expect, I still was not prepared for the sheer size and scale of the event. The exhibition itself holds an area of around 9,000sq.m, while ensuring the world coins were well presented throughout the show floor – from both coins of the ancient world to the new issues, there was surprisingly enough spare for hundreds of collectors to pass through and gaze the vast selection of historical, rare, innovative and valuable coins and in some cases even purchases coins from their own personal collections.

I found that my favorite thing about this coin fair was the fact that you can talk to coin dealers and collectors from all corners of the world, ask them questions, learn about history through coins and hold these very coins in your hands, this experience helps you gain a further insight into the fascinating world of coins and history.

By Helen Thomas

Source: London Mint Office