The Flowing Hair Tour Launch

The Flowing Hair Tour started in the National Museum of Prague with the arrival of the coin on the 8thof February, surrounded by strong security measures. The coin was sold in an auction for more than 10 million dollars and its companion, the Declaration of Independence, is valued at 4 million dollars – it’s believed to be that this 1794 Flowing Hair silver dollar was the first example to be struck, it is also the only 1794 silver dollar that was struck with a silver plug in its center. 

During the evening, the coin was presented to the VIP guests in a special event. The coin was unveiled while the speakers were talking about the importance of this coin, and the special link between the dollars and the Czech Republic: the dollar originated from the European coin, the Thaler. The speakers were director Lubos Krcal of Narodni Pokladnice, general director of the National Museum Michal Lukes, the US Ambassador Andrew Shapiro and Karen Lee.

The event was enliven by an opera singer and a pianist. After the speeches from the guest speakers, the coin was unveiled, generating a lot of excitement. The guests were then invited to approach the coin and the Declaration of Independence broadsheet, and they had the chance to take pictures with this great piece of American history.
On the 9th of February, there was a press event were the journalists were invited to ask questions, take pictures and record the coin. After the press event, the public event started. During the 10thof February, more than 1,000 visitors came along to the museum to admire the coin.

The Flowing Hair tour will soon be coming to the UK. It will be on public display in both London and Dublin where you will have the opportunity to come along and admire this highly valuable and fascinating coin. Also it will be exhibited in La Galleria Pall Mall in London from the 18th to the 20th March, and in Dublin at the RDS from the 12th to the 13th March.
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By Helen & Marta 

Source: London Mint Office