Rare 50p Coins

Rare 50p Coins List with the rarest 50 pence coins put into UK circulation.

Some of the rarest (and therefore valuable) coins in the UK are 50p Coins.

The 50 pence has been minted in many different designs with some of the rarest now selling for thousands of pounds!

The value of coins is hugely dependent upon rarity and condition so any values are for guidance only.

Even a rare coin in poor condition will be devalued so always make a close inspection of what you are buying.

To see how many of each 50 pence coin was produced, see our mintage figures page.

50p Rare Coin List

ImageDescriptionPrice GuideCirculation
London Olympics 50p Aquatics Coin2012 London Olympics 50p Aquatics Coin£1,000 for rare version with swimmers face hidden. Buy Now600
1992 / 1993 EC Presidency 50p1992 EC Presidency 50p £45 to £65 for a BU coin,. Has doubled since the Brexit announcement. Buy Now109,000
Kew Gardens 50p Rare CoinKew Gardens 50p Recent sales for coins in circulated condition are hitting £127210,000
Suffragettes 50pSuffragettes 50p£5 for a circulated coin. Check our 50p Suffragettes page for more details. Buy Now3.1 million
WWF 50pWWF 50pHighest sale on ebay, £1,000! We say, £3 for a circulated coin. Check our 50p WWF page for more details. Buy Now3.4 million
benjamin britten 50pBenjamin Britten 50p£5 (some have sold for £x,xxx but we question this). Check our 50p Benjamin Britten page for more details. Buy Now5.3 million
Girl Guide 50pGirl Guide 50p99p to £3 for a circulated coin. Check our Girlguiding 50p page for more details. Buy Now7.4 million
Wounded Soldier 50pWounded Soldier 50p99p to £3 circulated coin. Check our Wounded Soldier 50p page for more details. Also known as Heroic Acts 50p Buy Now10 million
Public Libraries 50pPublic Libraries 50p£2.50 in circulated condition. Silver Proof average £17.50 - Buy Now11.2 million
Victoria Cross 50pVictoria Cross 50p£0.99p to £1.50 in circulated condition. Buy Now12.1 million

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