50p Coin Values

What is your rare 50p worth?

With all the hype and press coverage around rare 50p coins and other collectible British coins, we put the following table together to help you track 50p coin values on eBay.co.uk – always check The Royal Mint website before buying on eBay, the coin may still be available.

50p Coin Prices

You tend to pay more for Buy It Now (BIN) listings, for the satisfaction of immediately securing a coin.

It may be incomplete or entirely inaccurate due to the wild variation in coin selling prices.

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50p coin values

Coin NameAverage Price
2016 Peter Rabbit 50p£2.33
2017 Peter Rabbit 50p£1.50
2018 Peter Rabbit 50p£2.57
Aquatics 50p£4.20
Archery 50p£2.09
Athletics 50p£2.56
Badminton 50p£2.38
Bailiwick Of Guernsey 50p£1.87
Bailiwick of Jersey 50p£2.33
Barbary Ape Monkey 50p£4.02
Basketball 50p£2.43
Battle of Britain 50p£2.22
Battle of Hastings 50p£2.20
Beatrix Potter 50p£1.57
Benjamin Britten 50p£2.00
Benjamin Bunny 50p£1.67
Blue Peter 50p£83.61
Boaty Mcboatface 50p£20.29
Boccia 50p£2.21
Boxing 50p£2.26
Britannia 50p£3.94
Canoeing 50p£2.09
Christopher Ironside 50p£2.19
Commonwealth Games 50p£1.84
Completer Medallion£30.96
Cycling 50p£2.15
D-Day 50p£3.80
EEC 50p£5.65
Equestrian 50p£2.29
EU 50p£2.11
EU Presidency 50p£61.14
European Union 50p£2.21
Fencing 50p£2.18
Flopsy Bunny 50p£2.51
Football 50p£11.26
Gibraltar Ring Of Dolphins 50p£5.03
Girlguiding 50p£1.87
Goalball 50p£2.83
Gruffalo 50p£8.18
Gymnastics 50p£2.66
Handball 50p£2.53
Hockey 50p£2.77
Isaac Newton 50p£4.61
Jemima Puddle-Duck 50p£11.78
Jeremy Fisher 50p£2.34
Judo 50p£8.44
Kew Gardens 50p£109.70
Macaroni Penguin 50p£118.70
Modern Pentathlon 50p£2.61
Mr Jeremy Fisher 50p£2.11
Mrs Tiggy-Winkle 50p£1.94
Mrs Tittlemouse 50p£2.44
NHS 50p£2.34
Paddington at The Palace 50p£1.92
Paddington At The Station 50p£1.97
People Act 50p£1.72
Peter Rabbit 50p£1.68
Public Libraries 50p£1.65
Rockhopper Penguin 50p£27.06
Roger Bannister 50p£1.73
Rowing 50p£2.92
Royal Arms 50p£3.93
Sailing 50p£2.71
Samuel Johnson's Dictionary 50p£1.52
Scouting 50p£1.79
Sherlock Holmes 50p£18.91
Shooting 50p£2.94
Sir Isaac Newton 50p£4.46
Squirrel Nutkin 50p£2.17
Suffragette 50p£3.11
Table Tennis 50p£2.68
Taekwondo 50p£2.56
Team GB 50p£2.64
Tennis 50p£3.36
The Snowman 50p£9.81
The Tailor of Gloucester 50p£1.94
Tom Kitten 50p£1.73
Triathlon 50p£9.34
Victoria Cross 50p£1.75
Volleyball 50p£2.23
Weightlifting 50p£2.37
Wheelchair Rugby 50p£2.62
Wrestling 50p£6.65
WWF 50p£2.56

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50p Coins Value

eBay coin prices can vary wildly, and valuing coins is subjective anyway so you should only use this data as a guide and do your own research before buying and selling coins.

We have not bought or sold, seen or inspected any coins in our research to establish these guide prices.

The 50p values vary dependent upon how rare the coin is and its condition. Many coins are listed as RARE when they are not!

When buying, always read the eBay listing title and description carefully.

Look for the words “COPY”, “FAKE” or “Replica” as some coins are not genuine.

Ask the eBay seller directly to confirm if the coin is genuine if you are unsure.

You can assume the coin prices we have researched are for coins in general circulation but otherwise reasonable condition.

Unless it is a coin that did not enter circulation then the coin would be BU.

Brilliant Uncirculated (BU), Proof, Piedfort, Silver and Gold coins will obviously sell for much more.

We hope this data will help Coin Collectors find bargains or sellers set the right price to sell their coins.

Check back to this page often for pricing updates of 50p value.